8 Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling

It's that time the year again! By that I mean the time when you might be preparing to travel for the holidays or considering a winter vacation. I certainly am and these 8 Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling is gonna make my next trips more fun and help me feel good the whole time!

Image by: Jay Williams jay@phco.co.uk

Many of you know, I don't run. I do lots of other things though so on my trips this winter, I plan to ski, snowshoe, walk, indoor rock climb and take in a local yoga class or two. On trip fitness - check!

I am 100% onboard with local eats! When I go home (to Ontario) Mom and Dad usually have a great new restaurant in mind or we experiment at home with new recipes. On our upcoming ski trip to Golden, we will totally ask around to find the best food for the best price. 

I have to be in Banff for work in March (tough, I know) and the place we are staying has a nice gym space. I am not a machine user, but appreciate a space to do pilates, PIIT, and yoga between meetings and outdoor adventures. Youtube is my go to for workouts, so I always have a fresh plan while travelling. 

My 1 litre Nalgene is in my carry on. Always. Everywhere. Why? I drink a lot of water and HATE disposable plastic bottles. It's easy to travel with a water bottle:

  1. Drink all your water before security.
  2. Refill at a fountain or ask the friendly folks behind the booster juice or star bucks counter if they can fill it for you.
  3. Drink.
  4. Repeat.  P.S. During your flight, the airline folks will pour water in your bottle if you ask nicely!

Travelling with healthy snacks is essential for me. I feel best when I eat every 3-4 hours and where I eat gluten and dairy free, there's not always good options (or any) available. I love almonds, dried mangos, and Larabars. 

There are some easy take along pieces I like to have in my carry on to ease the stationary postures of travel. I take along my trigger point bag for easing back and neck pain from sitting. It's small and very handy!

To the last point, take and active holiday..is there any other kind of holiday?! This winter I plan to enjoy snowshoeing in Ontario and Alberta, downhill skiing in Golden, BC as well as backcountry skiing right here in Gros Morne National Park!

What's you're top healthy travel tip?

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