Gear Review: Mountain Hardwear Metropass Pant

The Mountain Hardwear Metropass Pant is MY NEW FAVOURITE PAIR OF PANTS! And that's a big statement, because I am really picky about pants. I have big thighs, average hips and a 30"inseam so pants are usually too tight around the thigh's or too big in the waist and always too long!

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  • Nylon fabric, 2-way Warp Stretch
  • Zip security pocket
  • DWR finish
  • Reflective feature
  • 29" inseam
  • 2 hand pockets on front + 2 hand pockets on back
Mountain Hardwear Metropass Pant


The Mountain Hardwear Metropass Pant is comfortable, sleek and functional. The nylon is soft and stretchy while the slim cut gives these pants a modern twist. I really like the 29" inseam as it gives these pants a funky edge plus it keeps the bottoms clean!
The waist on this pant is just a smidgen too big and I usually wear a belt but with a long tank, I can wear them no belt. 


The stretch nylon moves with you, it's soft against the skin and even water-resistant! I love that I can wear these pants all day, whether I'm at the office or out on the trails or both! I have spent all summer living in these pants; hiking in Gros Morne National Park, guiding Wild Women Expeditions trips, travelling around Iceland, and in my day-to-day life around home. 
This pant has great stretch - I can do triangle pose and pigeon pose in these pants which it perfect for staying limber while hiking!
I love the length. The 29" inseam works with all my footwear and the bottoms are always clean:) 
On my way to Iceland this summer, I had a 10 hour layover in Halifax. Im casually sitting, working on my laptop and then, being the klutz I am sometimes, I spill coffee all over myself! Thankfully the DWR water resistant coating repelled the coffee, saving me from a terrible stain and keeping the hot water off my legs. I dabbed up the coffee and carried on with wearing these pants for 4 more days as my luggage was delayed! Water repellency is NOT just for rain - its a great addition to travel clothing for people like me who are inherently messy;)
This pant is easy to was and hang dry plus they are super lightweight. Great for travel or trekking - or both!

Final Thoughts

All in all, these pants rock my world. They are everything I look for in a pant because they do it all. They look chic, they are comfy, practical and functional - win, win, win!

I totally recommend these pants to anyone who travels a lot and/or leads an active lifestyle. 

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