Green Gardens Trail Rated 5th Classic Canadian Hike

Explore Magazine just shared an article highlighting where to hike in Canada and Gros Morne gets 5th in the Classic Canadian category!

Photo by Alex Fortin

The Green Gardens Trail (hike #23 in Hikes of Western Newfoundland) was the featured classic. Rightly so, this hike has it all! Crossing the Earth’s mantle, descending through the black spruce and tuckamore forests, rocky beaches, pillow lava, fields of wild flowers, sea caves, sea stacks, backcountry camping, and even sheep!

There are 2 main routes, as outlined in Hikes of Western Newfoundland, and many ways to do them. I have hiked Green Gardens and Wallace Brook trails many, many times and they never cease to amazing me! Coming down the trail into the meadow when the Blue Flag lilies are in full bloom, infusing the whole shoreline with their summery perfume gets me every time. Watching Minke whales fishing off shore not even 100 metre from where I enjoy the warm rocks on the beach, epic! Exploring the sea cave at low tide only to find starfish in the tidal pools, is like finding hidden treasure.  So many magical moments!

Green Gardens certainly deserves this recognition as a Classic Hike! Great job Explore Mag and Gros Morne National Park!

To view Explore Mags full article – click here

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Share Your Thoughts About This Post