Hikes of Western Newfoundland at MEC!

It’s official! Hikes of Western Newfoundland is now available at Mountain Equipment Co-op!!

It all stared with an email:

Feb 12, 2016

Good news – apparently, MEC shall be stocking your book as of this spring, via our national distributor.” ~ Gavin Will, Boulder Publications

What?!! Really?!! OMG!!

Needless to say, Alex and I are totally stoked!

When the book first came out in August 2014, we were thrilled just to see it in all the local shops like the Newfoundland Emporium, the Discovery Centre, and Coles. But to have it selling nation wide at Canada’s largest outdoor retailer is next level!

Hikes of Western Newfoundland at MEC

Hikes of Western Newfoundland at MEC

What incredible exposure for Western Newfoundland hiking and tourism in general. We are so proud to be pushing Newfoundland and Labrador as an outdoor adventure destination, especially for hiking! I am thrilled to see that after just 1 week, there are 2 reviews both 5 STARS! *Blushing!*

I know this is a good book because Alex and I both use it regularly for our own reference. My copy lives in my car and is now starting to get very marked up. Alex and I are making notes and edits all the time so when the time comes to go for a second edition, we are ready!

Just the other day, we were comparing our checklists, Alex has completed 88% of all the trails while I have just reached the 65% mark. More hiking in central is required for me to catch up! You might wonder why neither of the authors have done all the trails? The simple answer is: we had to divide and conquer. Western Newfoundland is bigger than it looks, so there’s 1000’s of kilometres that were driven and hiked in the making of this book!

Hikes of Western Newfoundland

Hikes of Western Newfoundland Trail Checklist

What’s next for the book? A second edition someday, when there have been enough trails upgraded, added or downgraded to make it necessary to update.

In the meantime, Alex and I are doing our best to support trails locally by leading the IATNL Trail Crew with a few other dedicated outdoorsy folks. Plus, I write and share my adventures and tips here to help everyone get more outdoors in their life.

Have you used Hikes of Western Newfoundland for planning a hike? What would you say to someone who asked you about it?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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