Iceberg Hunt & Hike Road Trip

What do you do on spring weekend in Newfoundland when there's not enough snow to ski but still too much to bike?  

You go on an Iceberg Hunt & Hike Road Trip of course! 

With 4 days off and the images of BIG icebergs spreading around social media like wildfire, Will and I decided to hit the road and explore the coastline of Newfoundland, hunting for bergs.  

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Iceberg Hunt
Iceberg Hunt
Iceberg Hunt

How to Hunt for Icebergs

I suppose like any other kind of hunting, you need to know where to go and have the proper equipment but unlike regular hunting, no experience is required! Icebergs are most prominent along the East Coast of Labrador as well as the Northern Peninsula and North-Eastern shores of the island of Newfoundland. 

How to Know Where to Go

Equipment to Enhance your Iceberg Viewing Experience

  • Binoculars 
  • Camera with Telephoto lens
  • Waterproof-Windproof Jacket (and Pants!) 
  • Warm hat and mitts or gloves (the wind is still very cold!)
  • Plus the rest of the items on my Day Hike Checklist 

Our Route - Self Drive Itinerary

Day 1: Driving to Central Newfoundland

  • We headed to Twillingate! A stop over in Gander to visit friends, snowshoe along Gander Lake and stock up on groceries. Upon arrival in Twingate at the HI Tide Hostel we me Eva and Falk from Germany! We all stayed up sharing travel stories and swapping tips for Iceberg Hunting. 
  • Overnight: HI Tides Hostel

Day 2: Iceberg Hunt & Hike in Twillingate

  • Hiked Sleepy Cove to Nanny Hole and to the Crows Head Lighthouse. 
  • Drove the Trinity Loop! Counted over 30 bergs on the horizon as the pack ice was still in as far as the eye could see!
  • Overnight: Car Camping (yeah, we slept in the back of the Kia Rio!)

Day 3: Iceberg Hunting in Ferryland

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Day 4: Indoor Rock Climbing

  • We drove out to Cape Spear to see what we could see and were delighted there were 3-4 bergs in the area. 
  • Then we spent a few hours climbing at Wallnuts Climbing Gym before our 7 hour drive back to Corner Brook. Wallnuts was excellent - they showed us around, reviewed belaying on both a grid-gri and ATC with us and explained their tape system before leaving us to climb. I was very impressed with their customer service and facility!
Iceberg Hunt
Iceberg Hunt
Iceberg Hunt

Observances and More Info

Spring in Newfoundland is gorgeous!! Will and I were both astounded at how beautiful the pack ice was, hugging the coastline and going out as far as the eye can see. 

We loved talking to the locals about the crab and lobster season challenges they were facing and we kept a sharp eye out for seals as we hiked and rove the coastline. 

Below are a few articles about Icebergs to get you excited! Come and check them out this spring!


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