In 2015, Fitness Flourishes!

I have been wanting to get into great shape and take my healthy eating up a notch for a long time and 2015 is the year! Everything has come together to provide me with the motivation, incentives, tools and knowledge to make this a reality – all I have to do is stick to it!

I recently meet Alice. Alice is about my age, like a lot of the same things I do and also wants to get in shape. She got a membership to the local gym and invited me to join her – tools and motivation – CHECK!

I work for Wild Women Expeditions and we have recently launched an additional service to our members called Fit To Be Wild. It is a 10 week training program to help women going on our 2015 adventures to help them reach their fitness goals – so I signed up too! Knowledge and motivation #2 – CHECK!

As for incentives, due to my line of work, I guide (and sometimes get to go) on some of theses great Wild Women Expeditions and as a group leader/guide it is important for me to be in great shape so I can focus on helping others – not how tired I am. This years first expedition is taking me to Peru to hike the Inca Trail – this is my first incentive! I need to increase my cardio as much as possible to help me acclimatize to 13,000ft – I currently live at sea level! My other expeditions incentives are Scotland (scouting may hikes to build a new trip for 2016!), Greece (feel comfortable in a bikini in the warm Mediterranean) and be fit to guide here in Newfoundland all summer. Incentives – CHECK!

Alice (my new friend) just gave me a book – Crazy Sexy Diet – and has challenged me to cleanse. More knowledge and motivation! So I am now 4 days into that routine and feeling very energized. She also found a 5km run that we did on New Years Day!

So my fitness is flourishing in 2015 – I am combining Fit To Be Wild, Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse, Blogilates Ab challenge, daily gym sessions with Alice on top of all the regular things I do (walk the dog, ski, snowboard etc. ) – I am so ready to get strong, feel powerful, have boundless energy, clear skin, and look forward to all the challenges that come with building a new lifestyle!

Welcome 2015! BRING IT ON!

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Share Your Thoughts About This Post