Parks Day Kayaking Adventure in Gros Morne National Park

A kayaking adventure in Gros Morne National Park is one of the best ways to experience the pristine wilderness of the area.  With it being Parks Day across Canada, what better way to celebrate than on the water in the heart of the park, paddling on Bonne Bay. 
Mike and I left Corner Brook after lunch and headed north to the park. We had booked a kayak rental with Killdevil Kayaks in Glenburnie which is a new outfitter in the area. Olu greeted us warmly and ushered us inside to prepare for our adventure.  Everything was ready when we arrived. The tandem kayak was outfitted with required safety gear, PFD’s, skirts and paddles were fitted, and with waivers signed and gear on we were ready to launch.

We paddled along the eastern shore watching for eagles and whales. We passed many little beaches and coves with pretty rocks and saw plenty of gulls. At the waterfall we pic iced at its base, enjoying views of the tablelands.

We then crossed the arm to paddle the western shoreline on our return. It's so neat to see familiar places from another perspective. As we approached Birchy Head, Mike spotted the eagle! Perched at the top of a black spruce, it sat and watched us float by. 
As we made our way along the Glenburnie shoreline, we were amazed at how clear the water was. With terns, gulls, eagles and jellyfish spotted today, we did very well with the wildlife and the weather couldn't have been better: 20+C with light winds paired with a blue sky….
As we pulled up, Olu was teaching a couple the basics and coaching them in the shallows. I love seeing folks learning to paddle as it opens up a whole new world to explore. We landed and had a quick chat, then decided to head to Woody Point for dinner at the Old Loft. 
The Old Loft is a busy spot most nights and tonight was no exception. We started chatting with a group from Ontario as we love hearing from visitors how their trip is going, what they have done and are doing next. We both ate the halibut and I finally got to try the quinoa salad: delicious!
By 8pm we were on the road back to Corner Brook - what a fabulous kayaking adventure in Gros Morne National Park! 

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