Night Skiing at Marble Mountain

If you're like me, you work inside, at a computer all week. Friday rolls around and you're itching to get outside and stretch your legs. Well, night skiing at Marble Mountain is the perfect place to get outdoors for Friday night fun!

Peace out from work by 4pm and grab you're gear! Night skiing for the 2017 season is from 4pm-8pm Friday nights only. Rates here. The bottom lift, the Newfie Bullet is taking you to mid hill where you can access great runs like Cruiser, Hot Dog, Jigger, Ho Chi Minh, and the terrain park. 

night skiing marble Mountain
night skiing marble Mountain
night skiing marble Mountain

Night skiing is great for everyone! There are always all ages, little ones learning, youth bombing around practicing new tricks, people my age (the thirty something crowd) skiing with friends (and trying a trick or two) and the older folks ripping the groomers.

Four packing chairs is essential for getting in as many runs as possible and its a great way to meet people! I talked to a couple that flew out from St.John's for the weekend to ski. They are doing Friday night and all day Sunday at Marble, and spending all day Saturday skiing at Blow Me Down with family - yeah, 60+ year old grandma still skis too!! Others I talked to were also out from Town - it's reading week, so students are out to ski and take in Jib Fest weekend. 

night skiing marble mountain

And don't forget Apres ski!

Hangout post ski, enjoy the Friday night atmosphere with nachos and a pint of the new local beer on tap from Western Newfoundland Brewing Co.  Usually, Marble has live music or other entertainment happing in the second floor bar area, so stay a while and enjoy Friday night with friends.

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