Outdoor Holiday Traditions – 2015 Style! 

The holidays present most of us with some time off, time with loved ones and time for ourselves. Being outdoors is a great way to enjoy this time whether alone or with family and friends. 

One of our holidays traditions is on Dec 25, we go for a hike with friends who are also away from family over the holidays. My partner Mike and I have spent many Christmas’s away from our family’s living in Newfoundland, as have a few of our close friends. Now we have traditions of our own! 

This Christmas we are in Ontario, spending time with family and experiencing a green Christmas. Throughout our Ontario tour I saw some awesome outdoor adventures happening over the holidays. 


With unseasonably warm weather our family friends went canoeing on the Snake River (photo by Loreena Dobson), another friend of my brothers went wake boarding, and I saw lots of folks on Facebook out hiking. Definitely the best way to enjoy the season and work off all the turkey and treats! 


Are there any holiday outdoor traditions you do with friends and/or family? 

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Share Your Thoughts About This Post