Snowshoeing Bay of Islands & Humber Valley

Snowshoeing Bay of Islands & Humber Valley is a great way to enjoy winter and there are many great trails in the area worth exploring. Snowshoeing is a great, beginner friendly way to get outdoors and on the go this season!

To Get Started

Before You Go

And you don't have to snowshoe alone!

In the area, there are groups that meet up to go out on Facebook as well as Pasadena Ski & Nature Park offers guided snowshoe walks, and Cycle Solutions hosts bi-weekly snowshoe outings which can be quite adventurous!

Snowshoeing Bay of Islands

Cedar Cove by Tom Cochrane Photo

New to Snowshoeing? Start with these:

  • Bottle Cove Trails (HWNL #13)
  • Cedar Cove Trail (HWNL #12)
  • Tippings Pond Trail
  • Corner Brook Stream Trails section around Glynmill Pond is very beginner friendly (HWNL #17)

Man in the Mountain Lookout by Justin Wellman

Wanna Climb? Head here:

Snowshoeing Bay of Islands

Resting on the Corner Brook Gorge Trail

Ready for More? Try these next:

  • Tortoise Mountain Trail (HWNL #14)
  • Corner Brook Stream Trails, especially Ginger Route Trail and Corner Brook Gorge sections (HWNL #17)
  • Steady Brook Falls Trail (HWNL #19)
Snowshoeing Bay of Islands

Exploring Blow Me Down Brook Gulch

Ready to Go Off Trail? Explore these Areas:

  • Summit of Blow Me Downs (HWNL #16)
  • Hummuck Trail and Blow Me Down Valley Area (HWNL #16)
  • Humber Valley Trail (Old Man to Wild Cove to Humber Village) (HWNL #18)


With frozen ground and water, plenty of snow, and pretty scenery the Bay of Island & Humber Valley areas are totally worth exploring all winter long!  I really hope you have enjoyed this post and found it helpful. There are so many magical places to explore in the Bay of Islands and Humber valley area, so this post certainly isn't the be all end all. I would love to hear from you - where do you snowshoe? what kind of snowshoes do you use? 


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