Hike This: Tipping’s Pond Trail

Whether you're a looking for a stroll, a swimming spot or a place to paddle, the Tipping's Pond Trail and pond itself, is the perfect place for a micro adventure within the town limits of Massey Drive.

The trail, at just 2km, circumnavigates Tipping's Pond. There is ample parking, a variety of picnic tables and benches, dog poop bags and garbages, and even a dock for swimming. In the summer, the trail is a gravel footpath about two feet wide in most places with only gentle hills and small staircases to negotiate. In the winter, the trail is usually packed as many snowshoe the trail and in some places, snowmobile trails interchange with the walking route. This trail isn't marked with any trail blazes or signs, so just make sure you stay on the foot path and don't wander off on the snowmobile tracks. 

Tipping's Pond Trail
Tipping's Pond Trail


Tipping's Pond is shallow, warming nicely through the summer and is regularly used for swimming. The 2km pond is also a nice place to refresh your paddling skills, practice rescues and other manoeuvres in a sheltered and warm body of water. I know many instructors who have used this pond for their intro courses for both kayak and canoe.

The area is home to lots of wildlife making a duck sighting or even the odd moose a highlight of being on this trail. Duck's Unlimited has recently places duck boxes in the area for educational and research purposes, so please respect both the wildlife and the boxes and keep your distance from them.

Tipping's Pond Trail
Tipping's Pond Trail

So you want to check out the Tipping's Pond Trail?

  • From TCH heading west, exit Massey Drive (exit #5), turning left at the stop sign onto Confederation Drive. Turn left onto Massey Drive and go under the highway.
  • From TCH heading east, exit Massey Drive (exit #5), turning right at the stop sign onto Massey Drive.

Then stay straight on Massey Drive until you get to the top of the hill and keep going until you see the flag pole in the parking lot and the pond on your left.

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