Welcome to Outdoors & On the Go: Newfoundland’s Adventure Blog

Welcome to Outdoors and On the Go! You have found Newfoundland & Labrador's outdoor adventure blog, featuring Western Newfoundland. 

I'm Katie, an outdoor adventure guide who lives in Newfoundland, Canada. I love to play outside! I hike, travel, ski ...well ok, pretty much will do anything to just be outdoors and on the go!

Katie & Bubbles
Gros Morne National Park

You might be wondering where the phrase "On the Go" comes from ..well it's Newfoundland slang meaning "to get going" or "to have a good time". I feel this summarizes what the blog is all about - to be outdoors and having a good time...pretty straight forward eh b'y?

The blog is all about outdoor adventure related topics because this is the industry in which I have focused my career. And I love to share my passion for all things Newfoundland and Labrador, the big beautiful province on the north-east coast of Canada where I live, work and play. Mostly I focus on Western Newfoundland, areas such as Gros Morne National Park, the Humber Valley, Bay of Islands, Southwest Coast and Northern Peninsula.
Outdoors and On the Go is a glimpse into the adventurous lifestyle here on the Rock [and sometimes off as I travel for work], but I also hope for the blog to become a valuable resources for folks looking to add adventure to their life. I will be sharing info about; hiking trails [mostly in NL], gear [reviews I do for Get Out There Magazine as well as personal fav's], "how to's" related to outdoor adventures, and tid bits here and there about lifesytle, events or other things related to living an adventurous, outdoorsy life.
I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing, then take my advice and get outdoors and on the go!

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Share Your Thoughts About This Post