Hike This: Indian Head Range


It called for rain…but we went anyways!

Dave and I rendezvoused at the Noel’s Pond Trailhead off route 460 and decided to hike this linear route in one direction. We drove one vehicle over to the Seal Cove Road trail head via Stephenville Crossing [route 461 and 490] then right onto Seal Cove road, taking the first left and following that all the way to the trailhead.

The trail meanders through the boreal forest for a kilometre or two, slowly climbing. The trail here was pretty dry [considering it has been raining regularly] but as we came out of the trees and began to traverse the bogs, it got wetter. Be sure to where some waterproof hikers and I personally love my gaiters!

The beauty of the bogs and barrens this time of year is remarkable…it is such a unique place. I love the vivid reds of the shrubs contrasting with the gray-white of the caribou moss…There are many great look offs along this trail so be sure to stop and take in the views.

The trail overall, was easy to follow with a well trodden footpath and frequent IATNL blazes or pink flagging tape markers.

From the highest point [approx. 160m] you can see the Port aux Port Peninsula and all of Bay St.George. From this point, we continued towards the Noels Pond Trailhead enjoying the mostly downhill route.

The trail heads back into the forest and crosses a few small streams – be careful on the “bridges” anytime when they are wet, they can be very slippery! The forest on this end of the trail was littered with mushrooms and the moss was almost neon green and leaves were scattered everywhere.

Once you come off the hiking trail and hit the quad trail, take a left and walk 50feet until you see the Noels Pond Parking lot.

I was really impressed with the condition of this trail, it was easy to follow and made for a fun, interesting 2.5 hour walk in the woods. It is clear to see it is being used regularly – which makes me SO happy!

Thanks to Dave for a great hike and the IATNL for the trail!


Theres more hiking where that came from!

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Share Your Thoughts About This Post